Friday, July 30, 2010

Just saw this movie "Two Weeks Notice" and I realized that if only I was as filthy rich as Hugh Grant's character in that movie, then I could have the kind of woman I want. I mean - there is some peculiar kind of women, whom I find desirable, but who generally don't find me desirable. I have been trying to analyze what's their peculiarity, but not with much success. Anyways, I am quite sure a bit of wealth and power would do me no harm in gaining interest of a woman of this kind. Of course, there's a quandary (there always is!) - if I were that rich, I would attract all kinds of women and I wouldn't know which is which i.e. which is the right kind of woman. Hmm... all things considered, I think I am better off as I am - at least I know when I really come across the kind of woman I desire. And knowing and having no choice is better than not knowing and having too much choice - at least one doesn't have the opportunity to make a wrong decision. Ah! well - now even that's debatable. I guess, I am confused. God only knows!
Anyways its not as if I have any option and its time to sleep.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Season of Sunshine

And then the season will pass,
And then the sun will shine again

Then the dark clouds melt away
And then it will be bright again

And then you'll find it, my love
Which that storm had blown away

Luhla laalaah la
Luhla lalaala laaluh la

(For once its not that sun in the skies, but a lady who shines like the sun for me, who made me feel thus - my Moon-faced Sunshine)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A lesson learnt in Sales

On Monday evening, I called one of my stockists Mr Suresh, a very demanding person and also what one would classify as a big "whiner". Objective was to convince him to support one scheme and purchase a huge amount of stocks. However he had issues, as usual and as usual he started with the issues of why it was impossible for him to take any stock, how competition was worse, so on and so forth. I heard him out over the phone and then told him that I would meet him personally the next day morning. He was not much positive overall and based on this conversation, neither was I. But being a hard-bitten sales-professional, who has seen as tough scenarios as its possible to see, its never in me to give up without an attempt - I would try just for the heck of it, even if its a hopeless case (I think that's the only reason, I have been successful in sales :P). So today morning, dutifully I went to meet Mr Suresh.

Now there are certain things, which I do instinctively - I don't know why - but which in retrospect actually work to my success. First of all, before he broached the controversial subject, I broached it myself - giving him a chance to complain and vent it out, if not anything else, while I nodded my head neither agreeing with him, but nor wholly disagreeing with him. Where I could agree with him, I make the right noises, where I couldn't I maintain a stony silence, watching him carefully (at present I am viewing my actions as an objective silent viewer).

"So, you told me yesterday, XYZ co is operating a 9+1 scheme in the market. Is that correct?" I opened the topic

"Yes, that's what I heard yesterday through one of my salesmen. You can understand my difficulty. How can I operate in such a scenario."

I shake my head in disbelief, "Sir, how could he manage to do this! Surely he would have got the scheme from somebody" (Aside - I know how XYZ is doing this, in case the information is correct, and where he is getting the scheme from for I arranged the same)

"Sir, market moves very fast. See how quickly he is operating the scheme in the market, while I haven't even received it yet!"

Then Mr Suresh dials a number on phone (that of one of his salesmen) and enquires about this 9+1 offer. He gets some information. Now for me this, in itself is a moment of victory. Mr Suresh takes me quite seriously to ensure that he is sure about his information coz I have put a seed of doubt in his mind by my earlier statement.

After finishing the call, he turns back to me, "Sir, its actually ABC co who is floating the scheme and he has done it with Vanaja Pharmacy"

I relax a bit coz XYZ was more controversial than ABC. ABC is kinda a known enemy and Mr Suresh is slightly on a loose ground whining about ABC to me. I pounce upon the opportunity, in a logical manner.

"Hmm - you could also operate 9+1, if you wish. That's why I am asking you to meet your purchase target."

"Sir, you tell me how 9+1 is possible" he does some mathematics and shows me that the scheme I am promising him works out to 9.33+1, so hence slightly lower scheme than 9+1, which makes it logically difficult for Mr Suresh to float in market and compete. But then I know that he needn't do that with every retailer. But I chose to keep quiet. When two logical people speak to each other, its not imperative to put all the logic onto the table. I use a slightly different tack.

"Sir, we can always give a better scheme to big volume purchasers. That way we ensure better sales turnover"

"But Vanaja Pharmacy is not a big retailer and yet ABC is giving there."

I could see arguing on Vanaja Pharmacy as a potential landmine that could scuttle the entire discussion against my favor, so I try a different sort of appeal.

"Sir, you know very well the support we give to you through our salesman. How can we do that, if we don't have the right scheme with you to get you more orders." (I didnt realize it then, but later on, through one of the statements of Suresh, I am inclined to believe that it was this argument which clinched the argument or rather discussion in my favor)

I continued, "Secondly, next month we are going to have advertisements, which will greatly impact the sales, as you very well know. So whether there is competition or not, you are in great position to easily liquidate the stocks you are purchasing now and also derive higher profit. In fact in entire Bangalore, there are only two stockists, who have done the target and hence can compete with you (a patently false statement, but since he can never ascertain the truth, it doesn't matter - rather its a confidence building measure)"

"Who are the other two"

"ABC is one" pat comes my reply (and this is true :D)

"No wonder he is floating the scheme in market"

I nod my head in agreement

"So we can also do 9+1 in the market"

"You can also do that, no problem. But we can do it selectively for better results"

Mr Suresh sits back and thinks and then he turns the stock statement report back to him to have a look and looks up at me in a moment, with the indication that I can take down his order.

I ask no questions, make no further explanations and ask my colleague to take out the order book to note down the order. The order is taken and Suresh purchases to meet his target.

There is that moment, where I could see clearly that I have convinced him. It is rare in one's life that we could convince another person from a totally opposite view. Sales career gives plenty of such opportunities, in fact necessitates this.
I am not overly proud about my accomplishments. I know people give the regard due to my position - but I also know that I do more than enough to capably fill my position to enable people to give me that regard. I have done enough to earn people's trust.

While I smoothly utter lies - I never fail to meet a commitment given. That is the bedrock of my credibility. Mr Suresh knows that he can trust me, when I tell him that he will liquidate his stocks next month. Whatever other lies I utter doesn't matter in front of this overarching, most important business truth which is required by him. I give him that assurance. Sometimes don't we reassure children who suffer a bad nightmare by some happy scenarios, which are clearly false - but which calms them down, makes them happy, relieves them of their fear. Sales is about being practical, focusing on the essentials and earning people's trust.

This was just an example of what I am practically doing day in day out, with lesser or greater success. But it is uncharacteristic for me, considering what I was a few years back. So much so, that it surprises me, how much people have come to trust me, and how much I can manage to convince people. People just rely me on my word! I think back and realize, its because I have never failed to meet any of my commitments, even during my worse days. I always put my commitment to them, before anything else. At that time I did it just as matter of habit, because I dont like to go back on my word. But in the last 2-3 months, I have realized its worth, its incredible worth!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

Tired of being in eternal quest
Tired of this unending struggle
Weary of being something, doing something
That doesn't come naturally to me
That isn't me!

In the end, life's biggest lesson,
The age-old lesson, which we all arrive at
sooner or later is to be
the best of what you can be.

That success doesn't come
from following different ways
but from trusting one way
through the easy stretches and the hard days
weathering out the unavoidable delays
Staying put when running would be the option
Waiting for the dawn's golden ray.

That one has to trust one's instinct
and then let go...
- no doubts, no second thoughts,
just allow oneself to go with the flow
To plunge thus into the sea of life
Letting it find us our Destined shore
Accepting with grace wherever it may be
For we all have choice of our way
But then we got to trust our Destiny

But above all, to trust that the Good Lord
In His Wisdom would have Given every creature
high and low, a real fair chance,
that He would have Blessed every nature
with enough strengths and frailties
to suffer and learn, then to grow and succeed,
and reach a stage, that each of them, deserves to reach
basis their efforts, and not their nature
in their own, very personal, Pursuit of Happiness

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We can never imagine
how times would change
the way the world moves
the way people would age

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Something just struck me suddenly right now like - Voila!!
I realized what it is that brings tears to my eyes (apart from onions that is) - in short what moves me emotionally.

I know, it doesn't sound much manly - boys don't cry and all that.
But hey, I only get attracted to women and I can't think like one - enough proof to suggest I'm masculine enough. And also I'm a man who has always loved romantic novels (except lately) - so yeah, your truly can cry and is safely man enough. Anyways, I am getting distracted over here. The point is what moves me emotionally...sufficiently enough to bring tears to my eyes - and I realized that its when someone's being just nice, showing goodness of heart, plain ol' selfless spirit, showing courage and high moral values, and loving someone more than oneself.

Yes'day I was watching this movie "Just My Luck" and towards the end both the protagonists are willing to kiss each other to transfer their good luck to the other person - Oh! so romantic, Oh so nice!! I remember the climaxes of "Courage Under Fire" and "Glory" bringing tears to my eyes like no other flicks ever did - by plain depiction of courage, of selfless spirit, of putting others before one, of doing one's duty, an' discharging one's responsibility.

I guess, old and cynical though I have grown to be - very much a sceptic of romantic values - it makes me happy that still, deep down I appreciate them, I admire them. I am happy that I admire, I value the right things even if I may not always live by them. I know I'm dirty, but I know what its to be clean and that cleanliness is better. That leaves at least a small trace of hope to live life with. :-)
Love is nothing but a chemically induced mental condition,
But damn! when it happens - it defies all description!
After an age, most philosophies look foolish,
Hence I would rather not philosophize.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

There used to be an age when love stories were simple and sweet
And now an age has come, when they aren't stories anymore.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Lord always gives more than we require
He takes care of us in ways we cannot even imagine
He gives us loneliness, so that we can feel closeness with Him.
He is always kind and merciful
Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Many centuries ago, one evening, as moon rose up in the twilight sky,
A king, beleaguered by Fate, held court inside a spacious regal tent,
somewhere in the plains of Northern India.

A fierce gust of wind suddenly blew out all the candles,
plunging the tent into darkness.

As an urgent call spread out to dispel the darkness,
a lady came in with a lamp in hand,
and set about lighting the candles one by one,
dispelling the darkness little by little.

Nimbly she moved to the king's side and then lighted the candle closest to him.
And as the light flickered between them,
for the first time in his life,
Mirza Humayun, Padshah of Hindustan set his eyes upon
the moon-faced Hamida Bano Begum,
even as her heavenly counterpart shined in the skies above in the form of a crescent. And his fate changed forever.

Thus began the story of Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar - the son of these two lovers drawn together by Fate.
Akbar - who went on to become one of the biggest whirlwinds of Indian history.
And it all started just with a gust of wind,
inside a tent, somewhere in the plains of Northern India,
many centuries ago...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Sun

"Suraj hoon, zindagi ki ramak chhod jaunga
Main doob bhi gaya toh shafak chhod jaunga"

The grand opening lines of title music of the mega-serial "Akbar the Great" telecasted on Doordarshan in the 90s. The title music is rousing and majestic. It truly raises one's spirits - hail Naushad!

The Sun I am, the seeds of life I shall sow
Even as I set, will leave behind an afterglow

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ruswa kyon ho is zindagi se
Kya rooth gaye ho apne aap se
Dilbar dekhon meri nazron se
Koi aur nahi pyaara tumse

Meri ankhon se dekh kar
Aap hi se pyar karne lagoge
Kitni khushi dete ho dekh kar
Tum apna gham bhula baithoge

Itna pyar karoge jaanam
Ki zindagi mein kabhi
Itna pyar na kiya hoga
Tumne apne aap se bhi

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And so things are back to square one!
Oh! so you think there's nothing great about it??
Well, I tell you, when your life is going round in circles,
Square one is the best place to be!
Take my word for it - being in Square One, you would consider yourself fortunate.
At least you know where you stand - SQUARE ONE!