Thursday, September 23, 2010

About Chinna Kannan Azhaikiraan

I don't what is it about this song - every time I hear it, its as if a thrill courses through my nerves - what is it about the music, its delectable notes, about its lyrics, the imagery, Srivedi expressing a pathos which shall pierce the heart of a rock - dunno what it is. Certainly being an illiterate in music, I can't express what it is about the music that affects me so. Hence it was great to come across this article, which explains in some detail what is special about the music composition of this song.

From the wiki article on this film - Kavikkuyil, I came to know that the lyricist of this film is Panchu Arunachalam.

I wish I knew who played the flute - he is as great for this song as the maestros Balamuralikrishna and Illayaraja.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran

After a long time, very accidentally found this rare elusive video of one of my most favorite songs - Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran from the film "Kavi Kuyil" (1976) composed by the maestro Ilayaraja and sung in a sweet ethereal voice by Balamuralikrishnan...the lyrics are the most touching, i feel they touch my soul - I dont understand them fully, yet I am so fascinated by them!

"Nenjil ulaadhum raagam
Idhu daana kanmani raadha
Un punnagai soladha adhisayamaa
Azhagae Ilamai rathamey
Andha mayana leelayil mayangadhu ulagam"

Somebody please help me understand these lines.

My understanding:

Is this the melody of my heart
Tell me ye apple of my eye.
Ye youthful, beauteous nymph
Even the world is swayed by your charms.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Thoughts

The unreal never existed
The reality never ceases to exist
- The Gita and the Upanishads

The Absolute is about "realizing the unreality of the determinable and reality of the indeterminable"
- From "The Conceptual Framework of Indian Philosophy" by Balbir Singh, Ch2, Pg 31

"Nasato vidyate bhavo
nabhavo vidyate satah"

"The unreal never is,
The reality never ceases to be"
Gita Ch 2, verse 16