Monday, November 30, 2009

Sour grapes

Some grapes remain sour
Some foxes remain foxed

Till they ask themselves a basic question
- Do they really want the grapes so much?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let it go

"Whatever happens is for the good", they say
But you object to simply believe.
It may perhaps be wrong, but I say
what other option does that leave?

Vainly I used to think
That the future lay in my hands
Till one day I opened my fist
and out spilled past sands

Another blow and I assumed
that I shall pierce the hard stuff
So on I persisted cutting the tree
When my axe wasn't sharp enough

So one day I opened that hand
One day examined my axe edge
I realized I was holding onto things
That I should have left long behind
Still cutting the same tree without luck
When trees abounded that forest kind.

When we never let go off the past
How can we lay claim to the future?
How can we deserve success
When we choose to persist with failures.

The path to victory may sometimes
inexplicably start by acknowledging defeat -
By leaving a vain pursuit
Realizing the truth about oneself
What one can do, and what one cannot

To look towards the future
One has to make peace with the present.

Instead of always looking for what you expect
Let the unexpected have a look at you
For believe me, the quirks of Fate
shall benefit you, only if you allow them to.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some things about myself

Just some thoughts about myself - felt like writing like this after like a dozen years! So I felt its worthwhile posting this.

I prefer being straightforward, open-hearted, frank and liberal. I don't like to play games. I always give people enough chances. I am forgiving and very understanding initially. I believe in being polite, formal and decent.

It takes me a while to understand that a game is being played.
It takes me a while to understand the rules of the game.
But once I realize that and learn the rules, I am difficult to beat.
I am intuitive....I can realize things that one cannot imagine could be realized...and I surmise pretty close to whats actual.
I adapt well, I am quick to grasp once I know what needs to be grasped.
I am agile, ruthless in my pursuit of winning, of scoring a point, of proving a point.
And those who are experienced, who think they are experts are left confounded...they could never think that someone whom they had written off, someone whom they had left far behind has overtaken them and taught them a lesson. My biggest joy is in proving such people wrong.

I go out of my way to be polite, accommodating and compromising to those who treat me likewise.
I go out of my way to be difficult, manipulative, indirect, and confusing to those who treat me likewise.

I will behave with you the way you will behave with me...but first I will always give you a chance. I trust people before I start distrusting them. I will trust you implicitly till you break my trust irrevocably.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Unknown yet known

Neither I know you, nor you know of me,
Yet why do I get this feeling
That we are made for each other

Silence everywhere, silence on our lips
Yet the silence itself speaks out a story
As our eyes reveal the mute yearning of hearts

For the sake of love, leaving everything behind
let's join the age-old pantheon of lovers
Lost in each other,
let's now tread this unknown path of love

Translation of "Na tum hamein jaano, na hum tumhe jaane" from the Hindi movie "Baat ek raat ki" (1962)

Monday, November 2, 2009


Once in a while, someone comes in my life,
who makes me feel that I am missing something big.
I feel that there is a gaping hole
And yet that person is unable to fill that void.

Sometimes I wonder if not the problem is with me?
Perhaps I am so thoroughly self-absorbed that
that it's difficult for me to love and be loved.