Monday, September 10, 2012

Why do I wish to be disciplined

So that I can decide what I want to do, instead of being a slave of my mind
So that I can follow diligently habits I consider good, and avoid bad habits
So that I can be active, energetic, prepared to meet the challenges of life
So that I can be serene, calm, contained like an anchor in a raging sea
So that I can avoid negative, unhealthy rumination, unnecessary fears
So that I can be happy & cheerful and spread mirth around
So that I don't hesitate to do what is right & oppose what is wrong
So that I can have strong, unshakeable faith in true Yoga
So that I can concentrate at will, drawing my senses within
So that I meditate on that One Supreme Being for ever and ever
So that I can achieve Yoga with that eternal Truth & Bliss