Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stranger in me

I knocked my hearts door one day
And found a stranger inside

Since then I have been roaming everywhere
Aimless knowing not what I desire, what I seek

An unknown quest awakens me everyday
Yet leaves me with no direction

Amidst the desert, where sands cover footmarks
I know not where I come from, where I go

Now I have been out of my heart for so long
I know not even who I am, forgot who I was

Thankful not to have a mirror to look in
For fear I shall not recognize the stranger I see

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Musical Ear?

I made a wonderful discovery just now. 4 Hindi songs, which are very very special favorites of mine - I mean they are part of some ten select songs or so, which never fail to move me...I so love listening to them...and the discovery is that these 4 songs are based on the same raga.

1. Dil mein tujhe bithake from Fakira
2. Kuch dil ne kaha from Anupama
3. Nainon mein bhadra chaaye from Mera Saaya
4. Kismat se tum humko mile ho from Pukaar

Other good songs on the same raga are "Khiltey hai gul yahaan" from Sharmilee and "Tum mile dil khile" from Criminal...and the raga is Bhimpalasi. Actually I got interested when I listened to a ghazal by the Pakistani singer Tahira Sayeed on this raga. Her voice was haunting making me listen to it again and again...but I knew there was also something about this raga. It just attracted me. Then I did a research and found that there are whole lot of songs which I dearly love, which are based on this raga.

Same is the case with another raga called Reetigowla. There are a few Tamil songs based on this which I listen to again and again. Everytime I listen to them, its like I just get inspired. These songs are

1. Chinna kannan azhagiran from Kavi Kuyil
2. Thalayai kuniyum Thamaraye from Oru oadai nadiagirathu
3. Sudum Nilavu from Thambi
4. Kangal Irandal from Subramaniyapuram

Now I do not have any musical training or understanding or ragas, yet my ears, my heart or something very sensitive inside me really knows what it wants to hear and when I listen to that melody, I just get enthused, inspired, engrossed and energized. Like a moth I get attracted to the flame and burn. I guess music is just a language that everyone understands though there are a privileged few who are accomplished enough to speak it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dream come true

I watch the sunset.
And wonder,
If many sunsets later
Someday, I shall
Create that which
I wish to see.

The expression
of my thoughts.

The solidity from
a figment of imagination

The reality
out of fantasy.

A thousand brilliant suns
shall shine anew

When my dreams come true.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Happiness is but thinking of you
Every moment, every hour, every day
Emptiness is not having you
Need is yearning for you every day

Love is such a beautiful thing
Creating such wonderful fantasies
Enjoying pleasures without having them
Keeping harsh realities firmly away

And then I see you walking
the long distance to my heart
Heavenly flowers pave your path
Like God you answer as I pray

I am lost in the trance
Feeling, sensing every pulse
Absorbing you in my hearts boundless ocean
Where like Vishnu you lay