Thursday, April 29, 2010

There is not a soul I would like to talk to, at this moment, but you.
I feel there is so much inside that I wish to share, only with you.
Yet I don't know what it is, that I wish to talk with you.

The street lights are bright and near, as are so many well-meaning good friends.
Yet it is that distant, aloof moon, hidden behind clouds, that holds charm for me.
Who else is that moon for me, but you.
True love is God's will upon us.
If He wills, it shall be reciprocated.
If He doesn't will, then it's not.
But whatever it may be, it is His benediction, His gift to us,
to be accepted by us with all humility and grace.
In matters of heart - listen to the heart - for it shows the true way.
Whatever happens,
This heart is destined to shatter in a thousand pieces
Wish only, that there is then heart enough
To gather the shards and make it up whole again
They would say, "Its back to square one"
But I know things will never remain the same...

These moments rich with pleasure and pain
The wholehearted efforts that go in vain
Being driven to insanity keeps me sane
This is the dream I live in now,
But which shall end, sooner or later
And never come again.
Such an immeasurable loss!
Then how could things be the same...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wanting her

I will put all material achievements, assets, money, position aside for her love and regard. I am happy that there is someone at least like this, who makes me feel thus...even if I have little chance of getting what I wish for.

When I dont feel want of anything else, want of her keeps me sane. But then, wanting her too much drives me insane too.

But then I manage myself by living in the present - savoring what she brings for me at this moment - living tonight, as if tommorrow doesnt exist at all.

Passion knows no language but the language of passion itself.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"You are not hurt Watson? For God's sake, say that you are not hurt!"
It was worth a wound - it was worth many wounds - to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking...

Probably the most sentimental lines in the entire set of stories featuring the pioneering detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal aide and friend Dr. John Watson.
It is their rarity that makes these lines precious and every word worth a gem. In the cold, arid desert of Holmes' brainy explorations, they are few spots of oases and even though there are just a couple of date palms and probably a smallish pond there, yet they are that much more worth considering the contrast with a limitless desert.

Personally I enjoy Holmes' stories because of the minutely sketched characterization, of the sparseness of words yet the richness of expression.
There are those occassions in life, that come once in a while, when one single thing, something very very particular can change your life completely, can make you happy, ecstatic beyond imagination - its something you would die for and you would die without. You look forward to it with such fervent hope as you would not even look towards Salvation.

In my life, on such occassions, less than half of the time (which is quite a good proportion)on professional front I have got them. Regarding personal front, in matter of relationships particularly - never, it has been a case of complete failure.

Yet I take solace from the fact that at least there are those moments when someone in particular can make my life - a truly heavenly experience.
We sometimes think our actions are bound by Fate, but its only the outcomes that Fate influences. If we are strong and wise enough, our actions are entirely under our control. A man who acts without worrying about outcomes, without getting distracted or affected by them is a courageous, purposeful man. Fascinating tha...t even today in soul-searching moments, we look back to the age-old truths of the Bhagavad Gita.

There are some important decisions upon which I acted. I considered them as important and once I did that I didnt worry whether I will get the outcome or not, I just went after executing what I planned - the outcomes followed. Those have been the times when I have been most effective and satisfied.