Thursday, March 21, 2013

Title Score of Bible ki Kahaniyan - DD Teleserial

Title Score of "Bible ki Kahaniyan" tele-serial telecasted long ago on DD -

Am so glad that finally I got to hear this music again after such a long time. I have been trying to search it for so long! It is stuff of one of my earliest fantasies.

The greatness of this score is that it is majestic and haunting at the same time. It evokes the sense of  a rich ancient lore, the sanctity of long-standing traditions and yet it touches one deep in the heart - its as if the trumpet pierces us through along with its haunting sound.

I especially like the sudden stately transition at 0.41, when Karthik Raja's name is displayed giving him credit for the Title Score.

I didn't know or perhaps didn't remember that this was his composition, but truly who but one of Ilayaraja's household can compose such a soul-searching yet compact score. It speaks so much in so less time.

This is what I commented on the page: "I have been searching this title score for so long! its beautiful, its majestic, its haunting & ever unforgettable - evoking fantasies!"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Om Namo Narayanaya

At every errant step he stands by to support
At moments of despondence he gives hope
He who has power to turn defeat into victory
He who is the eternal guide and companion