Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hidden by clouds

As I sat to meditate one day
I saw the wide expanse of sky
Light blue was it end to end,
Some dark clouds passing by

It was like a picture of mind
End to end, all electrified
With perturbations of vrittis
Causing occassional spikes

When all covered by raging clouds
They seems the sky to naked eye
So a chitta clouded by vrittis
Is lost to an untrained mind

So ye seeker, seek that True Self,
behind the escapades of the mind
That hidden fount of Ultimate Peace
awaits to be recognized.

Happiness - ultimate objective

Happiness is the ultimate objective of life
Ego identification is the source of all unhappiness
Freedom from ego will lead to eternal bliss

But ego binds us with strong rope
It shall be cut only gradually
Daily, if only little by little,
meditation will be enough
To slowly & surely rid off the bonds of ego

That's why the Mritunjay Mantra says
"...Urvarukamiva bandhanat, mrityor mokshiya maamritat"
"...Rid me of bonds of death get the nectar of liberation"

Our mind is habituated to respond to the whims & fancies of the ego