Saturday, December 3, 2016


Sarva Dharma Pari Tyajya
MAm Ekam Sharanam Vraja

"Renounce all paths and come to my refuge... I shall lead you to truth"

In the final chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says thus to Arjuna.

Faith in most ordinary mortals flickers like a weak lamp. A small trouble, can blow it off.
If you operate from your ego, the solution of most problems is complex and difficult. But if you surrender yourself to Him, everything becomes easy. The difficult thing is to surrender yourself.

When you are deep in that abyss, that nadir - no way out, your ego is befuddled, accept to God, that I dont know how to get out - You alone are my Savior. I shall listen to none but You.

self-control is a useless word - nothing is possible without the Benediction of God. The problem with self-control is the first word "self" - this is nothing but ego - you feel you can control yourself, fool you are then. The second word "control" is equally ridiculous - your ego is so bloated that you feel you can "control" something. its like giving a Mercedes Benz to a monkey to drive. Our human life is precious - after several janmas we have got this fortune, through the Grace of God. And what do we do when we get human life - we hand it to an monkey called ego-mind complex. This monkey keep jumping around, running after one banana or another, aimlessly jumping between trees.

So stop this monkey from steering this wheel - give it up. It sounds difficult, but auto-pilot is certainly more reliable than a monkey. two problems here - first accepting that we are monkeys and secondly even after that giving it up to auto-pilot and not having any control.

God Save us. God Bless us.

This shloka is very beautiful - the most spiritually realized and the one exactly at opposite end of spectrum - both can get something out of it.

The spiritually realized would have perfected one or many paths and have reached almost the pinnacle - for him too, to get final Liberation, he has to renounce all the paths and surrender to that Supreme Energy.

But this Sharanagati i.e. Surrender concept is most important for most of us, who are in that abyss, in the midst of ocean of samsara hit by waves after waves - what to do - keep on struggling? swimming? where will you go, even if you have the strength - there is water all around - there is water and waves forever - they will keep on hitting you till you give up.