Sunday, June 7, 2009


After a long long while I have finally written a little bit of my second story

"The long wafer thin curtains swayed in the gentle breeze, that kissed his dense mane and dried the emerging droplets of sweat on his forehead on a humid day. He was reclining upon a divan propping his head up on high round cushion. He rubbed his forehead to be rid of the irritating after effects of dried up sweat. If only he could rub away the irritating memories of the morning’s events in the durbar. If only a fine gentle breeze from somewhere would blow them away. Never before had he felt so alone, so lost in this wide world. He possessed two wives who loved him deeply, sweet children to whom he was attached, his mother, his caring, doting sister-in-law and above all a protective, possessive brother that no one else could have and yet he felt he could not bare his deepest angst with anybody, his eternal restlessness none could quieten, this thirst for something unknown, indefinable that none could quench, except for one proud, irreverent lady, or could even she achieve the impossible? His instincts had never lied to him and it was an instinct that drove him, made him possess her. Now though she was his, she was still not his….not completely anyway and the question still remained – was she the panacea to all that ailed him?"