Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In the film Ek Din Ka Sultan (1945), there's an inspiring scene at around 1 hr 16 min into it, where Emperor Humayun exhorts his generals to not give weakly to a peace settlement, but to fight with all their might. The Mughals were in desperate straits battling against Sher Shah Suri. And Humayun delivers a hard hitting dialogue which pricks his generals ' pride and inspires them at the same time. He says:
"Bahaduron, lado toh is kadar ki agar bach gaye to apne aap pe naaz karoge
Aur agar mar gaye to zamana tumpe naaz karega"

"My braves, fight in such a manner that if you survive, you would pride yourself for the way you fought. And in case you die, then the world shall admire you."

This is such an awe inspiring line for the one who is down in the dumps, who is cornered, whose case of winning is hopeless, but who hasn't lost his hope yet, who still doesnt have the will to give up, who fights back for that is very nature, who fights, if only to give the enemy a hard time, and wait for that sliver of chance to turn a sure defeat into an unlikely victory.

Humayun's personality itself was such. Which king after losing all and having been banished to wilderness comes back and fights grimly to win it all back.

Another story this reminds is of King Bruce (Robert Bruce of Scotland), who gets motivated by the perseverance of a spider trying to make its web on the walls of a cave. It failed time and time, yet got back again to its job of casting the web. I read this story in my 2nd standard and still havent forgotten it.

In Bible its said - if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can move mountains and nothing is impossible to you. Amen.

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